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Whilst pregnancy is every bit as exciting and unique as we expect it to be, there is no sugarcoating some of the side-effects which can impact mothers-to-be. It’s important to remember, you’re growing another life inside of your body – an extraordinary accomplishment. So, it’s not surprising that one of the worst side effects is complete and utter exhaustion.

Pregnancy fatigue occurs predominantly during the first and third trimesters when your body is at first adapting to changes, and finally when you are taking on the weight of a fully-formed baby. Suddenly, the everyday tasks you’re so used to doing bright eyed and bushy tailed, leave you looking around for a spare sofa to take a nap on. Luckily, it’s completely normal, it’s just your body reminding you to take it easy.

The following are just 5 ways to conquer pregnancy fatigue

Find the most comfortable position to get a good night’s sleep

Most women prefer lying on their side during pregnancy, another tip is to prop yourself up on an extra pillow. By finding a go-to position, you can save yourself hours of lying awake at night feeling uncomfortable.

Fuel your body with the right nutrients

There is a huge range of natural vitamins and minerals found in foods to help boost energy. A high protein, complex carb diet will keep your body running during the days after a bad night’s sleep. Snacking between meals can help raise your blood sugar levels and is a great way to raise your energy but be careful not to fill up on starchy and sugary foods, as their crash will leave you even more exhausted than before.

Stay hydrated

Eating for two is a common phrase when pregnant, but what about drinking for two? Staying hydrated is key to minimising pregnancy fatigue during the day. Getting into the habit of keeping a reusable water bottle on you is not only great for your body but also great preparation for the months ahead with your baby.

Keep up an exercise routine

It’s vital to stay active during pregnancy, not just to relieve tiredness, but also as a great way to eliminate stress and hormones. As you get further into your term, exercising will likely need to be modified, but that doesn’t mean giving up altogether, try to keep up your usual daily physical activity or exercise routine for as long as you feel comfortable.

Slow down

Ultimately, you are not only growing an extra human being, but you’re also carrying them around. Sometimes the best way to combat pregnancy fatigue is to do nothing. Give yourself a break from running around, and even better, treat yourself! You can discuss pre-natal therapies and massages with your local spa to help you find your Zen.