A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes throughout the course of her pregnancy, any one of which would be enough to tire anybody out. Fatigue and lethargy are two common side effects of pregnancy and whilst there is a lot that a person can do to fight them, none are quite as fun or fulfilling as eating and drinking. Throughout history, certain foods and drinks have been touted as being able to combat all sorts of ailments and whilst some have since been debunked, others have been proven to be the real deal.

Before we get to those, however, there is one very important thing to make clear. Do not rely on sugar or caffeine for your energy boost. Putting aside the fact that studies have suggested one or both might be harmful to an unborn baby, they are also completely counter-productive. The energy boost they provide, whilst potent, is short-lived and accompanied by a crash that more than cancels out the stimulation they provide. Unfortunate as it is, when it comes to fighting pregnancy fatigue, the only recourse is to think ahead, know what will effectively energise you, and incorporate them as best you can into your daily meals.

Superfoods To Combat Pregnancy Fatigue

Decades of time and research have gone into finding out exactly which foods and drinks can effectively combat pregnancy fatigue. The following are not the only remedies around, but they are amongst our favourites due to the many gifts they have to bestow upon the women who consume them and their growing babies.


Any list such as this would be incomplete without mentioning water, so let’s get it out of the way first. During pregnancy, moisture can be drawn away from the skin and other areas of the body and redirected to the amniotic sac if a sufficient amount of water is not consumed. In addition to fatigue, this can lead to headaches, dry skin and lips, dizziness and a wide range of other symptoms, so if there is one thing you take away from reading this post, its drink plenty of water.

Sweet Almonds

Packed full of monosaturated fats, sweet almonds are perfect for replenishing energy stores that have become depleted. Known to reduce cholesterol and be rich in Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, dietary fibre, sweet almonds are a fantastic choice for women irrelevant of whether they are pregnant or not. It is for this reason that we at Unity Beauty Essentials chose to include Sweet Almond Oil as an ingredient throughout our Pregnancy Collection, a luxury skincare range designed specifically for pregnant women.


Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Fibre and Vitamin B6, bananas are a veritable treasure trove of nutrients essential for both pregnant women and their growing baby. Capable of maintaining the body’s blood sugar and cholesterol levels, bananas are incredibly filling and will help to control food cravings and prevent overeating. Lastly, bananas are an incredibly versatile ingredient and can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways, making it easy to incorporate them regularly into meals without growing tired of them.   


Ignore the stigma. Quinoa has been consumed by humans for around 4,000 years and is certainly a lot more than just the another trendy fad. Wheat-free and twice as rich in protein as rice, Quinoa’s nutritional profile and versatility are primarily responsible for its popularity in recent years, as is the fact that it can be easily digested by the body. Unlikely to cause upset stomachs or bloating, Quinoa is an ideal energy source for pregnant women and is sure to help those combating fatigue.

Green Tea

The exception to the aforementioned rule regarding caffeine, Green Tea contains called L-theanine, an amino acid that has lowers blood pressure, reduces the heart rate and essentially cancels out the harmful effects of caffeine. Categorised as ‘no risk’ by the American Food & Drug Administration, the L-theanine in Green Tea is perfectly safe and ideal for putting a spring back into a pregnant person’s step, if consumed in a reasonable amount.

The only issue with Green Tea is many find it to be an acquired taste. Fortunately, you can find flavoured green teas from Pomegranate and Jasmine to Salted Caramel and Gingerbread in almost any supermarket these days.

Amla (Indian Gooseberries)

The superfruit on which Unity Beauty Essentials is built, the medicinal and culinary benefits of the Indian Gooseberry has been recognised for centuries. Rich in amino acids, iron, calcium, phosphorous and powerful antioxidants, Indian Gooseberries have become renowned in recent years for their potent vitamin C content, which surpasses that of orange juice by approximately twenty times.

A natural ally to pregnant women, Indian Gooseberries can help to take the edge off cramps, reduce blood sugar levels, aid digestion, protect against infection, keep anaemia at bay, and increase red blood cell production. All luxury skin care products from the Unity Pregnancy Collection contain Amla extract as their signature ingredient and if you want to learn more about this superfruit, then why not visit the dedicated Indian Gooseberry page on our website?