Bloggers Show Their Love For The Unity Pregnancy Collection

It has been roughly two months since Unity Beauty Essentials launched its debut skin care range and already the Pregnancy Collection seems to have gained a vocal fan base. We’re always interested to hear what people think of the brand we have worked so hard to create, and we’re eager for others to hear them too. That is why we are absolutely thrilled to share what some of the bloggers who’ve blogged about us have had to say about us.

Since these bloggers were kind enough to write about us, we thought we’d repay the favour by writing a bit about each of them. Before we get to that, however, if you have come across a blog post about Unity Beauty Essentials or do so in the future, please get in touch with us and let us know so that we may take a look and show our appreciation.

Alice Anne

Annie Writes Beauty Pregnancy Collection Banner
Alice Anne Pregnancy Collection Banner

“Unity Beauty Essentials specialise in superfood packed, luxury skin care. The collection is designed for skin going through pregnancy as well as being great for anyone looking to smooth stretch marks they may already have.”

What started as a hobby to help while away the long winter evenings quickly became a passion for Alice, who started writing her Annie Writes Beauty blog in January 2014. Alice’s blog has grown a lot since then and has since been renamed ‘Alice Anne’ to better reflect Alice’s life and growing interests. While Beauty is still a focus, Alice Anne also revolves around fashion, lifestyle, and parenting, and the past three and a half years have been spent building up a massive readership with her blog’s Twitter profile creeping upon 20,000 Followers.

Based out of Southampton, Alice wrote her piece on Unity Beauty Essentials as a prospective mother herself, allowing her to enjoy each and every product in the Pregnancy Collection to its fullest potential. If you’d like to find out exactly what Alice thought of our luxury skincare range, you can read her review by visiting

Fashion Lollipop

Maya From Fashion Lollipop With The Unity Pregnancy Collection
Maya From Fashion Lollipop With The Unity Pregnancy Collection

“I discovered Unity Beauty Essentials by chance and loved the luxurious nourishing effect instantly.  It is a new brand that not many of you know about and I can highly recommend their products.”

Written by Maya Williams, Fashion Lollipop is a fashion and beauty blog with a Middle Eastern twist that aims to beam a little more sunshine into the lives of its readers. Having previously worked large luxury brands and lifestyle publications such as Harrods and InStyle magazine, Maya knows what she is talking about when it comes to fashion and that is why we were so pleased when we read what she had to say about the Unity Beauty Essentials pregnancy skin care range.

To see what Maya had to say about our brand for yourself, simply visit her Unity Beauty Essentials review post on Whilst you’re there, take a moment to enjoy the images she took. We particularly liked the photo of the Pregnancy Collection surrounded by colourful confectionery.

Anneli Bush

Anneli Bush's Unity Beauty Essentials Banner
Anneli Bush’s Unity Beauty Essentials Banner

“Unity Beauty Essentials – one of those amazing under-the-radar brands, developed and designed especially for pregnancy.”

Active in the fashion industry for coming on a decade, Anneli Bush is a London-based blogger who has worked with major fashion brands; including Stella McCartney, L’Oréal, and Selfridges. Like Annie Writes Beauty, Anneli’s blog started off as a side project that allowed her to explore her passion in a way she was unable to at work. However, as a result of her hard work, engaging writing style and expertise, her blog grew into something more than a hobby and she has since expanded the site in order to develop her personal brand.

If you have not had the chance already, you can read Anneli’s review of Unity Beauty Essentials on her website,

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