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Avocados have had a massive surge in popularity over the past few years, but there is a lot more to this fruit than first meets the eye. Unlike many dietary fads, the avocado’s popularity shows no sign of waning and this is no doubt due to the fact that it is truly a superfruit. Unlike
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Superfoods refer to a group of foods that are known for giving our bodies a health boost, thanks to a high nutrient-dense content. Certain benefits of introducing superfoods into your diet include a boosted vitamin and mineral intake, increased energy levels, and a better digestive health. This is great for anyone; however, it can be
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Pregnant Woman with baby blocks on her belly
It is not uncommon for women adapt their lifestyle when they fall pregnant by cutting out alcohol, cigarettes, certain foods and specific exercises. However, you don’t often hear of women changing their skincare routine, which seems more than a little strange to us. Your skin absorbs a lot of what is put on it and
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This is custom heading element Made using the seeds of fruit grown on the Karite tree indigenous to West Africa, Shea butter is a popular ingredient found in numerous cosmetic and beauty products; including the Unity Beauty Essentials Intensive Body Nourisher. The benefits of shea butter have been known for a long time, with historical
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