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This is custom heading element Studies have shown that remaining fit and active whilst pregnant can have very real benefits for both mother and baby. Some mothers, however, are reluctant to exercise once they discover they are expecting and worry that by working out they are choosing their own well-being over that of their child.
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This is custom heading element Whilst it is important to remain as fit as possible when pregnant, there is nothing more essential than ensuring the overall well being of both mum and her unborn child. Often, these two things do not conflict and mums-to-be can, for the most part, carry on training as they otherwise
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This is custom heading element A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes throughout the course of her pregnancy, any one of which would be enough to tire anybody out. Fatigue and lethargy are two common side effects of pregnancy and whilst there is a lot that a person can do to fight them, none are quite
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