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This is custom heading element A lot of food eaten in our daily lives can, unfortunately, come with unforeseen side effects. While we should all be vigilant, you have to be especially careful when consuming certain foods and drinks while pregnant as some can be potentially harmful to you or your unborn child. We know
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Pregnant Woman with baby blocks on her belly
It is not uncommon for women adapt their lifestyle when they fall pregnant by cutting out alcohol, cigarettes, certain foods and specific exercises. However, you don’t often hear of women changing their skincare routine, which seems more than a little strange to us. Your skin absorbs a lot of what is put on it and
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This is custom heading element Though there is no 100% guaranteed way to completely avoid stretch marks, there is a lot that expectant mothers can do to reduce the likelihood of having them develop. When it comes to stretch marks, there is an old adage that bluntly states “you either get them or you don’t”
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