Our mission doesn’t end at making the best guilt-free beauty products, that’s just the start

Our mission is to make motherhood guilt-free

We know that tackling motherhood guilt alone is difficult, especially since you may be feeling that you are the only one who feels guilty. But we know that there are countless other women who may feel the same – so we’ve decided to unite together and tackle motherhood guilt together.

Through #GuiltFreeMe, we’re inspiring mums-to-be and mums to share their stance on motherhood, and replace the feeling of guilt with pride.

Share your stance with us so we can inspire more women to do the same. Together – let’s fight for a guilt-free motherhood!



What’s it about?

It’s about enjoying pregnancy and motherhood, guilt-free

It’s about approaching life, and motherhood, your way

It’s about being the person, and the mother, that you want to be

It’s about making the choice that’s right for you, and knowing that that’s what’s right for your baby

It’s about speaking up, when you want to speak up

It’s about saying yes to the facts, no to the opinions

It’s about telling the world to back-off, when you feel the world needs to back-off

It’s about knowing that there is no ‘perfect’ way to be a mother, there is just your way

Why does it matter?

Guilt affects way too many of us.

It prevents us from enjoying our pregnancies, motherhood and our lives to the fullest.

Guilt-trips seem to come from everywhere and everyone:

with the media portraying a “perfect” kind of mother, with the judgements, unsolicited advice and unwanted opinions we receive from our friends & family, with so much conflicting information on the internet about what we should and should not do…Any woman who has been a target of these guilt trips knows how nerve-wreckingly painful these can be, and that’s why we’re striving to make a change.