The Complete Duo Blending the best together so you don’t have to choose
Creams and oils serve different functions and are beneficial when used together. That’s why we’ve combined cream and an oil together – so you no longer need to choose between stretch mark creams and oils, and you can get the benefits of both in just one product. #choosenomore
The Technology Dual-Formula that delivers a Dual-Benefit
The hydro-based cream works on the surface of the skin while the blend of natural oils works underneath the skin’s surface. The synergistic interaction of the cream with the oils provides superior protection from stretch marks and calms itchy skin.
The Technique Dual-Chamber Storage, Single Pump Usage
Stored in separate air-tight chambers, the purity of the cream & the oils is independently preserved. Upon use, the single pump dispenses a blend of the cream with the oils, making it easy and convenient to rub into skin. With one press, you get two formulas that work together to provide you superior protection from stretch marks and itchy skin.