Tanya: Technology Advisor & First-Time Mum

Throughout my pregnancy I have tried a number of different options for keeping my skin soft and stretch mark free. I was so happy to discover Unity’s Complete Duo. It’s scent is addictively delicious and it’s texture is perfect – not too oily like so many other products, whilst still being full of the natural oils that help keep stretch marks away!

Jenny: Market Research Specialist & First-Time Mum

I couldn’t wait and tried the products as soon as I got them. Really love the scent of the range. It smells divine – very natural. I think it has coconut and almond oil in it – definitely friendly to a pregnant nose and will make you feel pampered afterward. The products are so exquisite I’m tempted to use them on my face!

Kim: Leadership Coach & Second-Time Mum

I recommend all three Unity products to every pregnant woman who wants to take care of herself and her baby. The packaging is beautiful, luxurious with a nice natural look. The fragrance is lovely and subtle. I also recommend Daily Body Hydrator and Intensive Body Nourisher to non-pregnant women who want to nourish themselves. It has the right combination of hydration & nourishment without becoming sticky.

Susan: Investment Manager & First-Time Mum

I started using Unity when I was 8 weeks pregnant and am hooked! My favourite is the stretch mark cream and oil, it has the perfect consistency and such a luxurious feel. I’ve used it every day since and have no stretch marks! I also love the natural smell of the products, I haven’t come across anything else like it during my pregnancy! I will definitely use it next time and have recommended it to many pregnant mums!