Creating beauty that cares

Parvathi Nair

Founder & Brand Creator

Parvathi’s eye for beauty has shaped the creation of Unity Beauty Essentials. With over twelve years of experience in marketing, management & strategy at companies like L’Oreal, P&G, Estee Lauder, Burberry, Facebook and McKinsey & Company, numerous new product launches under her belt and an MBA from The Wharton School, Parvathi hopes to use her big-brand experience to create caring beauty brands that leave no small-need unfulfilled. Together, with her team, she hopes to have created a brand that is not only loved by mums-to-be, but becomes the envy of all women (and men)!

Ben Indra

Insights & Innovation

Ben’s passion for identifying what’s not good enough and innovating to make it better is what makes him an integral part of the Unity team. Ben spent over fifteen years in consumer research and product development at large beauty and healthcare companies such as P&G, L’Oreal, Novartis and J&J. He’s witnessed how transformational the right beauty experience can be, and Unity Beauty Essentials is a realisation of his dream to create a brand that truly cares about a woman’s needs, during a most important stage in her life, and that delivers groundbreaking innovation to delight her in every way.

Hannah Henry

Trade Partnerships

Hannah is the driving force behind expanding the reach of Unity Beauty Essentials by identifying and building the right partnerships for the brand. Over the last 15 years, Hannah has worked extensively with beauty and luxury-goods brands, such as L’Oreal and Cochine Saigon, helping them to build relationships and collaborate with trade partners. As a mother of two, she’s personally experienced the gap that exists in the market for high-quality pregnancy care, and she strives to make the Unity range available and accessible to mums-to-be across their preferred shopping channels.

Dr Raj Nair

Research Scientist

Raj, an Emeritus Research Scientist and a strong believer in the ‘power of nature’, has spent over forty years researching the beneficial properties of natural ingredients with a focus on areas such as cancer prevention. After spending years in the science departments at Oxford University, Case Western Reserve University and Baylor Medical Center, his research in India on natural ingredients has led to several publications and patents. By leading the ingredient research process for Unity Beauty Essentials, he has ensured that the very best natural ingredients, that are safe and beneficial for mum and baby, have been included.

Dr Jessie Ke

Medical Doctor

Jessie is a medical doctor with an appreciation of the science behind beauty. Through her medical degree from Cambridge University and her work at the NHS, Jessie’s extensive exposure to expectant mums makes her a knowledge source for not only the medical changes that happen during pregnancy but also the emotions and concerns that women go through. In addition to being a doctor, she is also trained by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Her expertise in ingredient selection & safety testing has steered product development for Unity Beauty Essentials, ensuring that the brand is always guided by safety.

Dr Kumar Pillai

Cosmetic Scientist

Kumar, a dedicated biochemist, has spent over forty years understanding skin science. After close to a decade as a Dermatology Research Scientist at the University of California, Kumar pursued a long career in R&D and cosmetic ingredient development at Unilever, BASF and L’Oreal. Kumar has applied his understanding of dermatology to chaperone cosmetic science for Unity Beauty Essentials. His expertise in clinical trials has helped guide the safety checking process for the brand and his knowledge of ingredient efficacy has helped create a range that delivers the best beauty results during pregnancy.