Parvathi Nair - Unity Beauty Essentials Founder

Inspired by Nature, Trained in Beauty, Celebrating Motherhood

Having spent years in the beauty industry, the lack of premium, high-quality options for pregnancy care surprised me. As I planned for my own pregnancy, I decided to bring together a team of experts to create a solution. Together, we created Unity Beauty Essentials – a beauty brand that caters to the needs and concerns of every pregnant woman without compromising on that all-important and indulgent beauty experience.

Parvathi Nair, Founder


Natural and holistic remedies have been a part of Parvathi’s DNA from a young age. Born in the tropical state of Kerala in India, her parents, both scientists, spent years researching the beneficial properties of natural ingredients exposing Parvathi to the wealth of tropical ingredients surrounding her. Whipping up homemade face masks from turmeric, gooseberry and orange peel alongside shampoos & conditioners full of hibiscus and coconut became the norm, and a job within the beauty industry became an obvious choice for Parvathi.

A career in brand management for high calibre brands like Olay, Vichy, SK-II, Pantene, Wella, La Mer and Burberry Beauty followed. Taking on global markets, with stints in Singapore, New York and London, Parvathi became the go-to amongst friends who were eager to discover what products to use. However, when her friends became pregnant, she realised that the brands she once recommended were no longer suitable. Despite having a multitude of bestsellers at her fingertips, there was nothing in her remit that could meet their needs as a new mum-to-be.

As Parvathi began planning her own pregnancy it became clear that she needed to step away from the corporate world and revisit her ancestral roots. With chemicals and preservatives in products fast becoming a pre-natal minefield and concerns such as stretch marks and dry, itchy skin weighing heavy on her mind, she went back to the drawing board and those treasured natural ingredients from her childhood.

But natural alternatives wasn’t the only thing that was driving Parvathi’s new venture. She was disheartened by the frumpy, unappealing ranges that she found in the market – these were either so clinical-looking that they made her feel like a patient, or so baby-like that they were patronising. Her mission became to create a beautiful brand that she would be proud to display; one that could be flaunted on shelves and not hidden away in bathroom cabinets.

Calling on a team of trusty experts, including her father, to take her idea from concept to creation, Unity Beauty Essentials was born. Confident, luxurious and unlike anything else on the market, the collection of safe, effective and indulgent solutions is centred on embracing your bump without forgoing your love of beauty. For pregnant women by one pregnant woman, Unity Beauty Essentials has your beauty concerns covered during the very special time of pregnancy.