Bringing together Cream & Oil

Creams and oils serve different functions, and as such, are beneficial when used together.

Complete Duo’s revolutionary formula combines the benefits of a cream and an oil to solve for multiple skin concerns with a single product.

The synergistic interaction of the cream with the oils protects skin from collagen degradation to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, while soothing & comforting dry, itchy skin.

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Revolutionary Dual-Formula

The hydro-based cream is rich in moisturizing agents and antioxidants. It keeps the skin’s surface smooth & supple, and helps soothe any itchiness and discomfort.

The blend of natural oils has been specially selected to be highly nutritious for the skin and contains high levels of natural emollients, vitamins and amino acids. The nutrients in the oils penetrate deep into skin and help improve skin elasticity.


Dual-Chamber Storage, Single Pump Usage

Stored in separate air-tight chambers, the purity of the cream & the oils is independently preserved.

Upon use, the single pump dispenses a blend of the cream with the oils, making it easy and convenient to rub into skin.

With one press, you get two formulas that work together to provide multiple benefits.