Understanding the changes that skin goes through during pregnancy and post-pregnancy was the first step that led to the development of our 3-Step Essentials Kit



Water is an important nutrient for an expectant mum and a nursing mum. Pregnant women and nursing mums are encouraged to increase their intake of water to meet their bodies’ needs.

General fluid needs increase during pregnancy in order to support fetal circulation, amniotic fluid and a higher blood volume. The higher fluid needs that your body now has may result in your skin becoming more dehydrated than usual.

That’s why an essential first step to caring for your skin involves preventing skin dehydration.

See how the Daily Body Hydrator helps prevent skin hydration.

Step 2: Protect

Up to 90% of women develop stretchmarks during pregnancy. The underlying cause is believed to be hormonal changes that limit the ability of certain cells in the skin to produce collagen and elastic fibres which means that bands form in areas of stretching. Prevention seems more effective than treatment; massaging skin with stretchmark prevention products has been shown to reduce their formation.

Itching is a frequent complaint affecting about a quarter of pregnant women.  In most cases, the itching, though uncomfortable, is mostly harmless to mother and baby, and can be quickly soothed and comforted with the use of the right products. However, intensive itchiness even after using a soothing product on a regular basis does require medical attention and a check-up would be advisable.

See how the Complete Duo helps protect from stretch marks and itchy skin.


Step 3: Nourish

Dry skin is one of the most common skin complaints pregnant women have. Often, the dry skin that you observe during pregnancy is a result of the placenta changing your immune system to protect itself and your baby. Another reason for dry skin is behavioural – in an effort to stay germ-free, both mums-to-be and new mums are known to excessively cleanse and sanitise their skin, and this can lead to dry skin that feels tight and uncomfortable.

Treating dry skin requires intensive products that are rich in texture and are able to nourish skin and prevent excessive moisture loss from the skin.

See how the Intensive Body Nourisher helps treat & heal dry skin.